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I used to be a professional disciplinarian and I spent much of my time spanking, caning and tawsing naughty boys' bottoms. Those days are over, but I still regularly thrash my partner, Robert, and I often share details of his punishments on my blog

As a professional disciplinarian, I had a website, and this is how most of my naughty boys found me. Over time I developed it, and included a short story written by me about a young man who found himself at the mercy of two sadistic ladies. It proved very popular. That was the birth of Jonathan's Introduction to the Cane and Tawse. My circumstances have changed, and it has been appropriate to cease my professional discipline service, but I do continue to regularly cane and tawse my partner (on this website I shall call him Robert Redbot). I have been encouraged to carry on writing discipline related stories in my spare time. It gives me real pleasure, and takes my mind back to the many happy hours I spent cracking the cane down across all those lovely writhing bare bottoms.
My books are fiction, but I hope my considerable experience administering corporal punishment has helped add some realism. As a practising disciplinarian, I never caused permanent or serious injury, just made some bottoms very sore. Writing fiction gives me freedom to stretch boundaries a little, so please be warned, some of the thrashings described in my books you may find quite savage. I've also added a little erotic content.

Read more about me, how I like to punish, the implements and equipment I like to use on my page titled Notes on Discipline


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