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Annie Bee

Annie Bee Books

Miss Spiteful

The caning competition has now finished.



There have to be rules:

The competition is open only to consenting adults.

You are invited to send one photograph of a bare bottom, caned by you, that shows the aftermath of six cane strokes. Only one entry per competitor, and please don't rely too much on photo editing software (could be regarded as cheating).

Send your photograph to: anniebeebooks@hotmail.com

The photograph should not have been entered into my last caning competition.

The caning must not have been so severe that it has caused, or was likely to cause, permanent injury.

Both parties, the administrator and the recipient must be consenting and must understand that the photograph may be published on my Fetlife profile.

Each eligible photograph will be identified only by an entry number, allocated by me, when posted by me on my FetLife photo page.

You need be a friend of mine on Fetlife, so you will need to register *


Last year's winner and two runners up are available to view on my FetLife picture page.

* My Fetlife profile is: Abee Find FetLife here: FetLife.com

I accept friend requests from adults who have an interest in corporal punishment between consenting adults. I do not accept friend requests from people who's profiles contain anything that I am not comfortable with or that I think might offend my friends. It's my competition, so I make the rules. If you're not happy with this then do please feel free to organise your own competition.

Annie Bee

Annie Bee Books

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