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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you still advertise and practice as a disciplinarian?

A. No. In my opinion, spanking and caning a person's bare bottom is an intimate experience. I have only one intimate partner now. I punish only him.


Q. Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

A. When I was a professional disciplinarian I helped recreate the spanking fantasies of many of my clients and this is the inspiration for many of my stories. Also, I do have a rather active imagination and some of my ideas evolve from the most unlikely incidents. An example was when I was once talking to a stranger while we were sheltering under a shop awning, waiting for a hail storm to subside. He told me the story of how he was once stranded in his car by snow drifts. He called at a nearby house to tell them that he had no choice but to abandon his car outside their house and was invited in. The kind lady house owner offered him food and a bed for the night. In my story The Strict French Mistress I took this scenario and added tuition and canings.


Q. Some of you stories are quite severe, have you ever really caned and tawsed that hard?

A. My books are 100% fiction, so I do have licence to colour some of my punishments. Having said that, I do consider myself experienced in the art of administering corporal punishment and my punishments are invariably severe, so my fiction is based on real experience.


Q. Do you only write about women punishing men?

A. Mostly, yes, because I prefer to write about practices of which I have personal experience. I do, however, sometimes add some variation if it helps the story. You can find examples of this in my books Office Discipline and its sequel More Office Discipline as well as the stories The Secret Caning Regime and Tails of the Tawse.


Q. Where do you buy your equipment?

A. Most of my disciplinary equipment comes from either Quality-Control or MC Customs. The birches are made by Robert and sourced from my garden.


Q. How long have you been writing?

A. I started when I was professional disciplinarian. I wrote a short story about a man's first experience of the cane to add a bit of spice to my website. It proved so popular that I was encouraged to continue. My book sales now total many thousands, so I shall continue while I enjoy it.


Q. Where can I buy your stories?

A. My ebooks and one paperback are available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. For other countries see the links below.


Q. Do you have any free stories?

A. I have several free stories available that you can read on my website on the free stories page.


Q. How can I contact you?

A. I have a profile on FetLife (Abee) . You will have to sign in to this site to view my pages. I have also started a gallery on Tumblr. (Annie Bee Books). I have an email address, anniebeebooks@hotmail.com - though please be patient as I do get a lot of mail. I'm always happy to receive feedback on my stories, both positive, and negative (if it's constructive). However, as mentioned elsewhere, I am no longer available to discipline you as I am loyal to my partner. I will not respond to requests of this nature.

All of my eBooks are now available at:

United Kingdon - www.amazon.co.uk

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Rest of the World - www.amazon.com


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